Today in college we had an interesting debate about a very common word – Happy, while teaching Mental Health subject our teacher Mr. Manoj Raturi  shed some light on a simple yet so difficult to understand topic.

We were discussing about life’s ultimate goal which everyone unanimously  agreed is of – Being Happy!

Then he asked us in which way ? and we were like big ? ? ? on our faces.

In hindi there two ways you can be happy

  • Khushi – which means being happy for a short while like when we get a new dress ( thats’s me just being a girl 😛 ) or a new car or winning a bet. This kind of happiness is required for  us to maintain the daily life balance between negative and positive forces of life.
  • Sukhi – which also means happiness for the long term. Though there is nothing constant than change in life but having said that still we like to be happy for life, don’t we? This kind of happiness is long term and the feeling of being blessed by the almighty is prevalent ( I m not trying to be religious, I am trying to be spiritual). For example finding your life partner and getting married to him in my case, having a sense of accomplishment when you look back in your life, growing in all arenas of life the list can go on and on. Though to achieve this kind of happiness, to be Sukhi in life, the path will have difficulties at first but then in the long run it is wonderful, beautiful and worthwhile.

Sometime you will have to sacrifice your kushi to be Sukhi, its your call at the end of the day?

So the Ultimate question still remains.

Do you wanna be Kush or Sukhi ?

Please write your answer in the comment box to make my perspective clear.


16 thoughts on “Homograph – Happy

  1. Nicely explained.
    To be sukhi one has to experience the feeling of khushi and by absorbing the state, eventually it will take us to the higher state “sukh” the unconditional happiness.

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