Sometime back a Naturist friend of mine Kameshwari who I fondly call Kamy taught me this toothpaste. This toothpaste can be used by anyone, everyday and one of the most simplest recipe on Earth (Sometimes I wonder how nature comes to our rescue so often). I asked one of my friend who was suffering from tooth problem to use it for and he did religiously for 3 months and his pyorrhea was healed let me tell you he was suffering from it for a quite long time 😦 . (I had Reiked the toothpaste and given him)

The recipe is simple and can be prepared in any kitchen ( OK, atleast Indian Kitchen :P).

This is a self preserving recipe so no need to use any preservative and can last a really long time orelse atleast till the oil doesn’t get rancid.

Recipe need only 4 ingredients

50 grms – Turmeric ( I use organic turmeric found in FRI – Forest Research Institute, India).

50 grms – Himalayan salt ( for me its local since I stay in Dehradun, Uttarakahand. however normal fine salt or sea salt will also do the work)

50 grms – Coconut oil ( I use organic coconut oil. you can use any oil found in your areas like olive oil, sesame oil, mustard etc. Please do not use vegetable oil or refined oil it does not work efficiently)

Juice of 1 lemon.

Now mix everything together. If required you can use more of oil. Keep it in a clean container. I use glass containers to store.

Make sure all the powders used are fine and not grainy.

Use this with a soft toothbrush or with your fingers (remm turmeric can be staining so stick to toothbrush). Make sure you do this before taking a shower orelse you will just stain your clothes.

I can vouch for this recipe to work because I have seen it happen.

I had made a bigger batch of this as a treatment for somebody but the ratio is the same.



Incase if you have any issues in particular please write in the comment box so that I can address it.

Love light,



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